Stage Fright

4 Easy Steps to Overcome Stage Fear: A Comprehensive Overview

How to Overcome Stage Fear?

‘Stage’, a place where you drown in the never-ending fear and anxiety and search for a word the only life jacket at the moment.

These are the kinds people having of Stage fear –

  • Some people go to great extremes to avoid any possibility of being ‘on stage’ and avoid any presentations, interaction with the public or even choose a career in which they wouldn’t have to involve in public speaking.

  • Some people have less of a problem in fearing to be on stage, and they don’t let fear dictate their major career and life choices. But they do try to avoid the occasional presentation at work, the wedding toast, and Sometimes a professional interaction with a superior.

  • There are some people whose professional success has led them to the necessity of public speaking and even though they would rather choose to avoid it. The attorneys, authors, and others whose work has become so successful and are in demand, that they are requested to present their talents and knowledge before an audience but they refuse it. 

The good news is that stage fear is common and treatable. To get rid of stage fear , you must first understand how it works.

• You’ll be attached with performance anxiety only when you focus on yourself and your anxiety, Instead of your presentation and your performance.

• It is generated from the tendency to resist and fight your anxiety, rather than accepting it and working with it.

Now that you know what causes stage fright, how do you overcome it? 

These are the few Steps to overcome stage fear:

  • Stay focused on the purpose and objectives of your topic. 
  • Do not let your concentration distract.
  • Don’t self-doubt and refuse to think about the things that put your confidence down. 
  • Prepare your material in advance and practice your performance in front of the mirror (if possible) which will give you an outlook of your performance prior. 

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