What is Career Guidance?

Career guidance assists students in selecting the appropriate types of job-oriented courses that will help them advance their careers. It also assists to choose the profession or education in the future that best matches their capabilities, skills, and interests providing career direction.

Why career guidance?

No matter what the student wants to become, parents need to assist students with the directions to achieve what they want. Career Guidance helps students to analyze their strengths and interests, and make calculated decisions for their careers. It also sets them up for all the challenges that might be a part of their professional journey. 

career guidance programs

  • Interaction with parents and student
  • Understanding the interests
  • Exploring the suitable options
for whom

11th, 12th  Students

Career Planning & Designing
  • Interaction with the student
  • Knowing the career objectives
  • Selecting appropriate courses and skills
  • Working on the career plan
for whom

Graduates, PG, Working Professionals

Career Mentoring
  • Interaction with the student
  • One to One Mentoring with Subject expert from the industry
for whom

11th, 12th, Graduates, Post Graduates, Working professionals